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Terri Rose, Divorce Coach & Mentor

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Confidence, Resillience, Determination and Commitments

  “The confidence you build in yourself, the resilience that it creates within you and that determination, that focus and the commitments you make to yourself are all the internal core values that you need in yourself to then  go and launch into that next big dream to create a lifestyle for you that are critical components to your character…”

                      -Terri Rose

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Listen how I coached the coach, Trina Sette

Push past the fear and rewrite a new story

Sometimes it is safer for us to stay in our story we believe to be true rather than push past the fear that can move us to a new place and rewrite a new story...

Listen how just having a conversation with me can move you to step into your personal power and strength to push through your fears and get on the other side with courage...

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You Are Deserving and Worth It

Interview with the lovely Corine La Font with Between the Lines all the way from Trinidad Island

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Podcast Interview with Savvy Spiritual Growth Radio


Your Empowered Self

Released October 14, 2018

Imagine your life if you gave permission to say YES to yourself more often?  How would you feel?

Join me in a discussion with Suzanne Thibaut, Owner of Soul Safari

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You Are Right Where You Are Meant To Be -5 Min Video Clip


Podcast Interview - Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank

Barb Ireland interviews Terri Rose on Divorce/Empty Nesting

Terri Talks - Speaking Topics



Are you living the life you desire?  Are you thriving or surviving?  Do you live fulfilled and happy?

Follow me through a journey that will inspire you to make changes and start loving the life you live.

You will learn 3 key principles to jumpstart your heart into action


Step out of fear and into Love as you learn the keys to truly loving your authentic self.


Rise up and step out of the shadows.  Learn to lean into your personal power and find your voice to assert with confidence in all areas of your life.


Learn the 5 stages of divorce and 5 levels of separation in the process of divorce.  

You will learn 8 key principles to help you manage the emotional journey of divorce.


You have devoted the last 20 something years to a marriage and family. Now your nest is empty.  Where do you begin?

Learn to discover YOUR desired feelings and begin stepping into YOU.

Empowerment Through Inspirational Speaking

Each one of my Terri Talks is designed to motivate and inspire the listener to take action and to feel love.  It is my personal commitment to ensure lives begin to change by the powerful message shared.

Join me in my Love Movement and choose a Terri Talk for your next event.

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It is my Passion and Privilege to help you design a new you

Through life's transitions, we cannot always see the next steps we need to take on our path.  Sometimes it takes the helping hand of another to lead us out of our own self imposed darkness so we can breakthrough and emerge into the light once again, much like the Lotus flower and Butterfly.

It is my passion to encourage you every step of the way and my privilege and honor to serve as your Divorce Coach & Mentor.  I thank you for your trust.

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