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Terri Rose, Divorce Coach & Mentor

My Why


Find your YES, Your Empowered Self, and say no more to Fear…Fear less and Trust All Is Well

Get out and live a life of Vitality


I AM here for you


Are you recently separated, in divorce , adjusting to being a single parent, experiencing an empty nest or recent job loss?   Do you struggle with lack of self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance?  Do you believe nobody will ever love you again?   Chances are you do in one form or another.  I know I did when I got divorced.

This is a transformative time of transition and the emergence of a new empowered you. It is my heart’s desire to support you through this emotional journey as you step out of fear and embrace your personal power and design a thriving new life for yourself…

As your Divorce Coach & Mentor and a thriver from divorce, it is my commitment to guide, support, lead and nurture you as you step into your YES, Your Empowered Self. It is through vulnerability and stepping out of your comfort zone where you will experience the greatest personal growth. I will help you achieve this in a safe and supportive way as you emerge a new you. I encourage you to take the courageous step and say YES to yourself and empower me to support you on your journey of  self-discovery.


Service through Love and Compassion


Terri Rose encompasses the qualities of Love and Service to others. After leaving her 13 year marriage, she has walked the emotionally challenging path of divorce. With a strong and passionate desire to serve and empower others, she brings unique insight and inspiration from her own life experiences. 

Terri knows how transformative the aftermath of divorce, loss, break ups and starting over can be. Emerging free and independent as a single mother of two, she recognized the potential to help hundreds of people transform their heartbreak and grief into clarity, vision, and self-love. Her wisdom, intuition and genuine love for others inspire one to shift out of limiting unconscious beliefs and step into personal strength and empowerment. With her coaching methods, you will move through the sea of emotions and awaken to deep and abiding self-love and experience the inner joy that comes from truly loving yourself. 

Through her own unique experience, Terri approaches everyone she meets with extraordinary compassion and brings deep listening and an open, welcoming heart to each client. Clients experience a deeper understanding of their emotions, compassion and self-love in even just one session, and over a series of sessions, they are able to stand in their own personal power, asking the universe fearlessly for the love and lives they truly desire, arms and heart open, ready to receive.  It starts with YES…

It is my Passion and Privilege to help you design a new you

Through life's transitions, we cannot always see the next steps we need to take on our path.  Sometimes it takes the helping hand of another to lead us out of our own self imposed darkness so we can breakthrough and emerge into the light once again, much like the Lotus flower and Butterfly.

It is my passion to encourage you every step of the way and my privilege and honor to serve as your Divorce Coach & Mentor.  I thank you for your trust.

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