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Welcome, my name is Terri Rose and I am the Founder and 

Chief Love Officer of Blissify Your Life, owner of 

Divorce Empowered.  

My goal is to help you design the life you LOVE living.

Is your life feeling like a train wreck?  Are you moving through the life transitions of separation, divorce or empty nesting?  Do you struggle with not fully loving yourself just the perfect way you are?  Do you suffer from feeling undeserving or worthy to be happy in your life?  Are you challenged with a negative self-image or have been hurt so badly you fear getting out there and living again?  Do you lack self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-worth that keeps you from taking action and move in the direction of your dreams?   Do you yearn to be loved just the way you are and share your love with someone special but don't believe anyone will want you?  

It is my heart's desire to remind you of YOUR AMAZING MAGNIFICENT SELF.  Let me guide you on your journey of self-discovery and to live a life of bliss and thrive.  YOU are deserving and worth it!  You just need to clear the obstacles that stand in the way of living your blissful life.  

As a Divorce Coach & Mentor, I can help!

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Terri Rose, Divorce Coach & Mentor

Terri Rose

Helping you to design a life you love living! Come join me and let's get started today!

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What I AM About, YOU

I AM Here For You


My goal is to help you through your life transitions and re-design your life by letting go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With my coaching methods, you will move through the sea of emotions and awaken to deep and abiding self-love and experience the inner joy that comes from truly loving yourself. 

Supportive Journey


Making the commitment to create a better life for yourself means stepping out of your comfort zone and step into your confidence, personal strength and empowerment.   When you make yourself a priority and say YES to yourself, you will be able to stand in your personal power and ask the Universe fearlessly for the love and life you truly desire. My personal commitment is to provide you with guidance, understanding and support while on your journey of self-discovery and Bliss. 

Creating a Safe Place


As your Divorce Coach & Mentor, I know how transformative the aftermath of separation, divorce, loss, breaks ups and starting over can be.  With an open heart and a genuine love for others, I promise to create a safe and sacred place for you to grow.  I have the tools, personal understanding and experience to help you to design the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. I can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and THRIVE.


"Terri's counsel is nothing less than the chance at a new, guilt-free, grief-free life"

 "Some gifts are purely material. Some are sentimental. Terri Rose provides something infinitely more valuable and lasting: the gift of opportunity.

The months following a divorce can include some of the saddest, least-gratifying times in a person's life. Terri's counsel is nothing less than the chance at a new, guilt-free, grief-free life. 

Terri asks the right questions. She provides thoughtful answers those who seek her advice. She provides the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Anyone who seeks Terri's counsel receives something more valuable than advice. Her expertise is the fuel that we can apply to all aspects of our life. 

You leave her company wishing to make the world a better place.The end-result is a chance: a second chance. And isn't that the best kind? "

                 -Mark DeVaughn


"Terri is an exceptional woman and teacher. Her insight has paved a way for healing, hope and forgiveness"

"Terri Rose has been an integral part of my divorce process. In my experience as a man, reaching out in time of need and struggle can be challenging. Also in my experience, I have learned that being silent and facing our pain, fear and insecurities alone will avail us nothing. I have found that being vulnerable and transparent with people that share my emotional experience is paramount. Terri is an exceptional woman and teacher. Her passion for her work has helped me and many others in the group see our situation through clearer lenses. Her insight has paved a way for healing, hope and forgiveness, for many. She is a trusted friend and confidant. I am truly grateful for her compassion and willingness to help. Guys! We don’t have to do this alone."   

                                                                      -Scott Markgraf


"Terri has given me tools which has helped me see that my life is not over, it's JUST beginning!"

 "As a Love & Lifestyle Coach, Terri has been instrumental in my progress of becoming my very own YES  - Your Empowered Self. I’m not sure if the universe heard me calling out or if it was my dear friend who recommended joining a Meet Up back in June of 2018 that led me to Terri, but either way, I’m so glad I listened and drove the hour it took to get there. Since that first meeting, I’ve not looked back and it’s all due to Terri and her guidance on this rocky path of now being single after my 20 year marriage ended - my choice I might add. 

Terri has given me tools which has helped me see that my life is not over, it’s JUST beginning! When I get down or negative (yes I still do on occasion) I remember Terri’s words, and recite my affirmations, listen to uplifting music, or get out in nature; all of which helps me get back on track and ready to face the world with focus, determination and the power to do anything I set my mind to.  Terri’s ability to take my negative thoughts and help me see the positive is so eye-opening and refreshing. Terri is a positive light in the darkness of pain and loss. 
If you are in a slump, or stuck, or scared after divorce or separation, or just need guidance in this crazy thing we call life, I highly recommend you open your heart to what Terri has to offer - I am glad I did - and feel like I not only have a coach on my side, but also a friend. So, YES - you too can be Your Empowered Self with Terri’s experience, guidance and heartfelt attention to whatever you are going through - don’t put it off - contact Terri today!"

         -Kelley Arzola

"The impact Terri has made on my life is absolutely amazing"

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Terri Rose and the impact she has made on my life is absolutely amazing. Terri can truly understand and connect with a deeper meaning of what is truly needed in your life to make you a success in whatever direction you need to go. There are many choices out there for a coach, and I have tried a few, but Terri is truly unique in which you will experience in just the first sit down with her. She will leave you with an experience that will resonate deeply within you and she will give you the understanding of what direction you will go in working with her as your coach. Give her a call, you will be so glad you did!"

           - Lee Anne Carson, Business Development,



"Terri's coaching has inspired me to make necessary changes in my life to achieve happiness"

"Terri has helped me overcome some difficult obstacles.  Her coaching and her caring about my well being has inspired me to make necessary changes in my life to achieve happiness that is about me and not everyone else.  Without her guidance, I would have been stuck in a relationship that was unhealthy and a job that is going nowhere.  At 60 years old, Terri has proven not only to be a great coach but a dear friend too.  I would recommend her to anyone who feels they cannot make changes in their lives because they feel trapped in bad relationships and dead end jobs"

           - Tamara Elrod


"Terri is truly motivational"


"Terri Rose is an uplifting Love & Lifestyle coach who is truly motivational to work with. She listens intently to what you are going through and then helps you to see a new perspective on what is possible for your life. Working with her helps you to be motivated to bring positive change to your life. What makes her different from other coaches is her caring – she truly cares about her clients and helping them step into their greatest potential. "     

         -Suzanne Thibault, Soul Safari



"Terri shares freely with warmth and compassion how to love yourself and find the power in you"

"I had the pleasure of having Terri Rose as a guest on my talk show! Terri shared with my listeners freely with warmth and compassion about divorce, empty nest and more importantly how to love yourself in these transformations of life to find the power in you. "

       -Barb Ireland, Age Is Not A Factor with Ladies Live


Giving Back To Community

Happy Neighborhood Project

Love Movement + Happy Movement = BLISS

Blissify Your Life has partnered with Happy Neighborhood Project to spread Love and Happiness in the Global Community.  As a Member of HNP, it feels great to be an active participant in building a happier, more loving world...

Join us today by making a commitment to share your smile and amazing self with others, do random acts of kindness for strangers, etc.  It is in these small acts we can bring about positive change one small step at a time.

Be Love and Be Happy!

HNP - Edwin Edebiri Ted Talk on Happiness

HNP Happy Neighborhood Project Edwin  Edebiri Tedx Ted Talk

How Happy Are You?

Listen and be inspired..."Happiness as a default position."

If you do not feel love and happiness then be sure to contact me so we can get started on helping you design a life you love living.

Yes I Want to Be Happy and feel love

It is my Passion and Privilege to help you design a new you

Through life's transitions, we cannot always see the next steps we need to take on our path.  Sometimes it takes the helping hand of another to lead us out of our own self imposed darkness so we can breakthrough and emerge into the light once again, much like the Lotus flower and Butterfly.

It is my passion to encourage you every step of the way and my privilege and honor to serve as your Divorce Coach & Mentor.  I thank you for your trust.

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